DTC Data on The Metrics That Matter Most

Ecommerce data, all the ecommerce data & nothing but ecommerce data


Every week, we’ll send you year-over-year and month-over-month metrics comparing the last 28 days across …

  • Facebook Spend
  • Facebook CPM
  • Facebook Revenue
  • Facebook CVR
  • Facebook ROAS
  • MER: Rev. ÷ Spend
  • Google CPC
  • Google ROAS

Don’t miss out. Stay in the know. Impress your friends and colleagues. Grow your business with confidence.

Why? Because the only way to build a reliable strategy is on a solid foundation of industry-wide benchmarks.

In a post-iOS-14 world, where can you turn for reliable guidance on the state of DTC ecommerce?

You start with the largest publicly available ecommerce dataset, drawn from ~200 businesses totaling $5B+ in revenue.


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